Bucket Explorer


Bucket Explorer is a file browser to the COSMOS backend bucket storage system. It allows you to view files in an intuitive file browser hierarchy and download them. Bucket Explorer works both with local installations of COSMOS as well as cloud deployments which utilize cloud storage such as AWS S3 and GCP Cloud Storage.

Bucket Explorer

Browsing Files

At the top are the three standard COSMOS buckets: config, logs, and tools. Each bucket contains top level folders named after the scope. In the Open Source edition the only scope is DEFAULT. The config bucket holds the COSMOS configuration which is populated as plugins are installed. The logs bucket holds the COSMOS logs which are generated by the various COSMOS microservices. These logs are gzipped to save storage space. The tools bucket holds the source code for the built-in COSMOS tools as well as user create tools installed as plugins.

You can click the Download icon to download any of the individual files. Note that the search box only searches the current screen worth of files, e.g. it does not search the entire bucket.