OpenC3 5.0.10 is here with modular decom!

Modular decom brings support for JSON, CBOR, HTML, and XML based packets directly to OpenC3, and the ability to create your own custom Accessor classes that can read data from any data format directly, without a required conversion to binary first.

This will allow OpenC3 to interact with non-binary packets like web pages, JSON based API interfaces, and much more, with little to no custom coding required.

See openc3-accessor-test for a great example of defining packets in each of the new types.

Key Enhancements

  • Modular Decom
  • Updated open source dependencies
  • Added filename to get chosen filename from open_file_dialog()
  • Added PORT keyword to Microservices to support accessing them in cluster environments
  • Added Severity filtering to CmdTlmServer log messages and increased count of messages saved
  • Added refresh script button to ScriptRunner

Key Bug Fixes

  • Fixed positioning of events in Calendar near Midnight
  • Modular decom by @ryanmelt in #134
  • Fix ruby coverage path by @jmthomas in #131
  • Add flags to upload by @jmthomas in #132
  • Update unit tests by @jmthomas in #147
  • Add filename to Tempfile returned by open_file_dialog by @jmthomas in #148
  • Port param by @jmthomas in #146
  • Add severity level filter to log messages by @jmthomas in #149
  • Add refresh button for scripts by @jmthomas in #150
  • Bump dependencies including Minio by @jmthomas in #151

Prerequisites: Docker - Running OpenC3 requires a working Docker or Podman installation. Typically Docker Desktop on Windows / Mac. Plain Docker or Podman also works on linux. We actively develop and run with Docker Desktop on Mac/Windows, and Linux on Raspberry Pi, so if you have any issues on another platform, please let us know by submitting a ticket!

Minimum Resources allocated to Docker: 4GB RAM, 1 CPU, 80GB Disk Recommended Resources allocated to Docker: 16GB RAM, 2+ CPUs, 100GB Disk Also requires docker compose version 1.27+

To Run:

  • git clone myproject
  • cd myproject
  • Edit the .env file and change OPENC3_TAG to 5.0.10
  • Run Linux/Mac: ./ run
  • Run Windows: openc3.bat run
  • Connect a web browser to http://localhost:2900/
  • Have fun running OpenC3!

Please see our documentation at

Try it out and let us know what you think! Please submit any issues as Github tickets, or any generic feedback to


Full Changelog: Changelog