COSMOS Enterprise

Built for production multiple-user environments

Secure and infinitely scalable.


Each of your employees get their own account and set of permissions.

Create admins, operators, and view only users.

Limit permissions down to the packet level with custom roles, and Role Based Access Control (RBAC).

Infinitely Scalable

Horizontally scale infinitely when running in a Kubernetes cluster and using Redis Cluster.

Handle any number of targets and large satellite constellations

Cloud support with ready to use Terraform scripts, helm charts and AWS or GCP integration (Azure coming soon!)

Scheduling & Automation

Use the Calendar tool to schedule commands and scripts to execute or just take notes and reserve time slots.

Create powerful automations with the Autonomic tool to handle anomalies or free operators from repetitive tasks.

User Accounts and Role Based Access Control

Safe and secure

Make shared group accounts a thing of the past! Easily create a unique account for each user of your COSMOS system and give them the permissions they need.

  • Built in Roles for Admins, Operators, and View-Only Users
  • Create Custom Roles with any set of permissions needed
  • Limit users to only specific subsystem if needed
  • Prevent commanding and scripting for view-only users
  • LDAP Support
  • Powered by Keycloak

Kubernetes and Cloud Support to Scale Infinitely

Add targets and fan out the worker microservices for each target across your Kubernetes cluster.

  • You are not limited by the resoures of a single server
  • Support constellations of hundreds of targets
  • Powered by Kubernetes and Redis Cluster
  • Support for AWS and GCP
  • Use cloud native bucket technologies for infinite storage
  • Istio support available

Multiple Environments with Scopes

Organize your Targets and Interfaces into their own environments with scopes.

  • Great for supporting multiple labs with a single COSMOS install
  • Each scope can have its own set of users and roles
  • Put each target into its own scope to create focus and isolation
  • Setup test or simulation specific scopes

Plugin Library with Common Integrations Done For You

Get up the speed quickly with Enterprise only plugins

  • Full CFDP Implementation
  • KSAT Lite Integration
  • Much More in Development

Calendar & Autonomic

Powerful Enterprise tools for scheduling and automation

  • Schedule activities manually or through APIs
  • Enter notes or metadata for future reference
  • Define custom triggers and reactions
  • Respond to anomalies or reduce operator load

Support Included

Gain Direct Access to the COSMOS Developers and Never Get Stuck