COSMOS Versions and Pricing

Chose the version that’s right for your needs

Kick the tires with Open Source Edition - Then upgrade to Enterprise


Connect to everything and verify COSMOS will meet your needs

  • Command and Telemetry Processing
  • Telemetry Screens and Graphing
  • Packet Logging and Data Retrieval
  • Powerful Scripting in Ruby or Python
  • AGPLv3 Licensed
$30K / year

COSMOS designed for multi-user production environments. More secure, more scalable, and more features.

  • Everything in Open Source Plus:
  • User Accounts and RBAC
  • Kubernetes and Cloud Support
  • Multiple Environments with Scopes
  • 40 Hours of Support Included
  • Direct Access to COSMOS Developers
  • Plugin Library including CFDP
  • Yearly Subscription
  • Monthly Security and Feature Releases
  • Commercially Licensed

Perpetually licensed

  • Same as the Subscription Except:
  • Pay once, use forever
  • 1st Year Maintenance Included
  • 1st Year Support Included
  • Commercially Licensed

*Government Framework Pricing Also Available

Frequently asked questions

What is the AGPLv3 License?

This is an open source license that requires sharing your source code with all users of the system, and giving them the right to use the code however they wish. If that doesn't work for you, consider purchasing Enterprise Edition which allows you to keep all your code proprietary.
You can read the whole license here:

How is Enterprise Edition Licensed?

Enterprise licenses are dedicated to a named mission or product. For example, Enterprise could be licensed to NASA mission X. For that mission, Enterprise Edition can be installed as many times as needed, in as many places as needed, for as many users as needed.

Licensing is only enforced by contract - No annoying license files or license managers.

Constellations of satellites are typically considered to be a single mission.

Enterprise is also commercially licensed, meaning you can keep any custom COSMOS tools and plugins you create proprietary.

What kind of support is included?

Enterprise Edition includes up to 40 hours of support per year. This support can be used to help you with whatever you need, and is typically handled through email.

Open Source is only supported through Github tickets, unless a seperate support contract is purchased.

What if I need more help?

We provide seperate support contracts and can develop COSMOS plugins for you typically on a fixed price basis. We also offer ongoing Time and Material support for larger projects.

Do you have training?

We do!  We offer a COSMOS Users training and a COSMOS configuration training class. Both classes run approximately 8 hours and can be held at your site or remotely.

Reach out to to request the syllabus.

Do I get the source code for Enterprise?

Yes you do. We are an open and transparent company and all of our customers get access to all the source code. You have full control of the entire system and can shape it to your needs.