COSMOS Training

Get your team up to speed quickly

User and Configuration training both remote and on-site

User Training
$5K / day*

Introduction to COSMOS tools and scripting

  • COSMOS Terminology
  • Overview of all Tools
  • Installing a Plugin
  • Developing Scripts (Ruby or Python)
  •  Scripting APIs
  • Target Libraries
  • Script Suites
Configuration Training
$5k / day*

Building COSMOS plugins for developers

  • Plugin Terminology
  • Creating and Building a Plugin
  • Defining Commands and Telemetry
  • Target Configuration
  • Interface and Protocol Configuration
  • Custom Conversions and Limits
  • Creating a Custom Microservice
  • Building a Custom Tool

*On-site training adds $1k / day for travel costs
*On-site training requires both days back-to-back


"the problems we were given in class were a good leap from what we had already done, but gave room to try things, mess things up, and troubleshoot"

"the training included great information about other parts of COSMOS that I haven’t yet looked into and also dove deeper into topics that I needed more information on"

"I was impressed with how in-depth we went"

Frequently asked questions

Is this for me?

The User training is accessible to people who have never seen COSMOS and for experienced users who want to learn best practices. Whether you're just starting out with COSMOS or have kicked the tires and want to go deeper, this training is for you.

The Configuration training was created for developers. You should be comfortable with batch files or shell scripts and willing to pop open your favorite editor to get your hands dirty. If you've never written a line of Ruby or Python this probably isn't for you.

Do I need to schedule both classes?

For on-site training we require both classes to better utilize the time of our traveling instructors.

Do I need an Enterprise License?

We teach the classes using the Enterprise Version but if you're only using Open Source you will be able to complete all the lessons. But if you're only using Open Source you're missing out on a lot of great features! Check out Enterprise!