December 20, 2023

Astro 7 Styling

COSMOS adopts new styling

We are proud to be working on the Forge program as part of the Ball Aerospace team. As part of this effort we have updated all the COSMOS tools with Astro 7 styling and reviewed it with Rocket Communications. This affected all the COSMOS tools and really cleaned up the interfaces throughout. While we were previously "Astro Inspired" we're now "Astro Compliant".

Here's a few before and after photos to highlight the differences.

The most obvious change is probably the top NavBar with the addition of the Astro Clock. This can be disabled in settings but is enabled by default. We also changed the notification and user icons (top right) to better match Astro styling. Command and Telemetry server itself just refreshed the colors and fixed some of the widths to avoid extremely long search boxes and drop downs.

Script Runner changes were primarily the colors and fixing some of the widths like in Command and Telemetry Server.

In Packet Viewer we eliminated the item index and right justified the labels to make it easier to see the values they belong to. The values themselves got Astro icons to quickly show their limits state (rather than rely on color alone).

Telemetry Grapher recolored both the application and the graph lines to match Astro Data Visualization recommendations. We also added the ability to graph individual array items in Telemetry Grapher.

Telemetry Viewer changed some of the Demo screens to freshen them up as well as changed the New Screen dialog for clarification.

All the COSMOS tools have made similar changes and it really freshens up the user interface. The pace of advancement of COSMOS since OpenC3 was founded in July 2022 has been incredible. We can't wait to keep pushing what Command and Control Software can do in 2024!

If modern software like this makes your existing solution look like it came from the Apollo era, book a Demo with us!

Merry Christmas and enjoy the new look of COSMOS!