February 21, 2024

Script Runner Line by Line Execution

COSMOS Script Runner supports both Ruby and Python line by line execution

Since the first COSMOS open source version (3.0) back in 2014, COSMOS has supported line by line Ruby script execution. The original COSMOS 3.0 and 4.0 was a Qt Desktop application which required a local Ruby installation. It was the only application in the world that supported line by line Ruby execution while rescuing exceptions and giving the user the ability to continue or debug errors. In 2020, COSMOS 5.0 was re-architected to support containerization, microservices, cloud deployments and a browser based frontend. With the COSMOS 5.12.0 release, we now support Python scripting with line by line execution in the browser.

In the above Ruby script you might have seen set_line_delay(1). This causes the lines to execute with a 1 second delay between them to allow for easier demonstration purposes. The default is 100 milliseconds which is still visually distinct but 10 times faster! You can also run set_line_delay(0) to cause no time between line by line execution. This makes it more difficult to visually track but greatly speeds up your scripts!

Learn more about scripting in COSMOS by reading our Script Writing Guide and more about the APIs by reading our Scripting API Guide.

If Ruby or Python scripting seems overwhelming, consider taking our training class. We spend the first half of the User Training class discussing the COSMOS tools and the second half on scripting. This can be a great way to get your team up to speed quickly.

Book a Demo with us to learn more about how the unique scripting capabilities of COSMOS can accelerate your test and operations programs while also increasing safety and reliability.